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LY As Evidence Based Intervention For Senior Centers In USA

laughter yoga seniorsOur certified laughter teacher Cindy Miles from USA has got Laughter Yoga approved as evidence based Intervention up to two levels; she is further trying for final and level 3. If it gets through it will be a great step to implement LY in every senior centre. Please help Cindy to complete this survey questionnaire.

The Southwestern Commission Area Agency on Aging is conducting a nationwide survey to determine the extent to which Laughter Yoga is being implemented with older adults (60+ years of age) in community-based settings.

The survey responses will help address the new federal requirements for the formal adoption of Laughter Yoga as a Title III-D Evidence-Based Disease Prevention/Health Promotions Program (EBDPHPP). Title III-D of the Older Americans Act requires that EDBPHPP's demonstrate, through rigorous research and evaluation, that they are effective interventions, which help Americans age in place and continue to live independently in their own communities.

We are specifically seeking responses about regular, ongoing Laughter Yoga sessions (i.e., Laughter Clubs) that are being facilitated with older adults in community-based settings (as opposed to a long-term care residential facility).

Please take 10 minutes to provide information regarding your own experiences with facilitating Laughter Yoga sessions with older adults. The survey will close on March 31, 2015.

To participate in the survey, follow this link:

If you need additional information, contact Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Cindy Miles by telephone (828-586-1962, ext. 218) or by e-mail: cindy@regiona.org.