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133 055 010itjn7In our ?last ?laughter? meditation?  ??healing?-circle we read a passage from ??Pema Chodron's" Sharing the ??heart?".

We learn that the heart chakra is a place where we can offer and receive love!There is no fear when our heart is open! Love begins and ends there.  If we are not in the love, we are in the fear. Love looks good on any day. Not just on VDay. I offer love and laughter from the heart center in my workshops! Integrating Laughter Yoga in your life,will allow you to feel more love and compassion in your life. We also learn to set boundaries ,take risks,and practice self-love. Laughter is intimate. Love is supreme. Through Letting Go- we learn to love.

001"Love is the answer"-as John Lennon once sang.