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On N ovember 20th, 2014, Laughter Yoga will be invited to the ADOS Amelia Conference (Association of Women with Mastectomies), in Italy . The Conference title is “LOVE AND PSYCHOLOGY”. It will be held in the Museum Picture Gallery, at 3 p.m.

This event was planned in the Prevention Week, from November 17th to November 21st, 2014, whose title is “….Think of yourself… in memory of Mara Regi”.

Laura Toffolo and Ann-Marie will be the speakers. Their intervention title is : “Laughter Yoga: Joy and Wellbeing Ferment” , with the cooperation of Maria Federici, under invitation of Chiara Bolognini , counselor and journalist, who will speak about “Creativity and Time Perception, Healing Pain”.

We are grateful to Chiara for the great opportunity she gave us and also for her engagement in promoting new ways to help women, for their complete wellbeing.

In Honor of Women and Femininity:

“Become more feminine, more fragile and delicate. Ego tries to create problems. It tells you: “Be strong, be a man, be this or that”.

Don't become a male chauvinist, forget it at all.

Relax. Anything is arriving to you is naturally beautiful. This feminine quality must be absorbed; it isn't weakness, it's kindness. It's a sort of sweetness you are confusing with weakness.

Using the word “weakness” means you are judging. Ego uses tu judge and to condemn: this is wrong, you are getting weak. Ego always thinks that sweetness means weakness.

This is the reason why, for centuries, it was thought that women were the weaker sex. That's not true. Forget the word “weakness”. Just call it sweetness, femininity, and give it room. It's so beautiful! “


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