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Living in this moment and choosing Happiness
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia
Wednesday, 24 June 2015 17:19:22
Now is all we have. I know alot of people say that. Trying to do too many things at once, is not enJOYing this moment, trying to watch a movie on television and being on Facebook does not work. Ha Ha Ha yes I have tried it. I have noticed, in my own life, that when I am fully focusing on one thing, I am in the moment. If I am focusing on what I am eating, not talking, not watching TV, I can enjoy every bite of my food. If I am walking out in nature by myself and enjoying nature, I notice things I would not, if I was talking or maybe listening to music.
Time alone, is very important, without music and without disturbance.
Each of us needs to find a way to be in tune with our own self and only then can we be Happy. Happiness is not buying things, that kind of happy does not last for long. Achievements are good for us but the Happiness does not last for long. The only way we can be Happy is respect and Love ourself and fulfill our own needs. It is no ones else responsibility to make us Happy. I find daily appreciation also helps.
When we are Happy and appreciate what we have and who we are, which is unique, then and only then can we really be Happy.
Daily appreciation for every single thing you have is important to Happiness.
Having the courage to try new things are also good for us. Habits are not unless they are positive.
Learning some form of relaxation is also a positive way to become more in tune with yourself and your own needs.
Choice not chance determines our destiny. Choose positive changes and you will be amazed what happens.
99 things could be going wrong in your life but if you choose to focus on the one good thing and be happy for that, you will feel better.
We all feel sad, angry and grief, - it is natural but we have a choice about how long we stay there.
The past is gone and nothing can change it, so it is a waste of our precious now to hold on to it. It also effects our body because what we think about our body absorbs.
The future is not here yet but you can effect the future by what you focus on now, so if you choose happiness now, thats what you will get.
So what do you choose right NOW?, begin with a Smile, hold on to it for long enough and I promise you will feel better. Instead of watching the news, find a way to laugh. The more you laugh and smile the happier you will be. The less negative stuff you focus on the more you will delve into fear and negativity. So Smile and laugh often. Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha