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Life Changing Laughter Yoga spreading in Czech RepublicPetr Fridrich, Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher Czech Republic : When I first heard about Laughter Yoga it was sometime in the fall of 2003 when I bought the book and the Czech psychiatrist and adictologist Dr. Karel Nespor - The healing power of laughter where laughter yoga and laughter therapy most part of the book.

A few months later I joined a large telecommunications company that had a smile on their logo. One of my first activities was to invent interesting and fun way to communicate new performance management system.Thus arose the idea of a virtual good mood department where I firstly started thinking about how to increase the joy, energy and creativity in organizations. The idea was at the end not realized, but since then I've kept thinking about it. After two years, I left the company and left for several months in India, where I "accidentally" once met with laughter yoga. Even then, however, I still not started laughter yoga further. After my return, I began to take different things, and among other things, I also produced a movie. I gave into it a lot of energy, and although the film was quite successful, did not fare financially very best. I was completely „devasted“ and “burned out”, and had not energy to start anything else. Failed to even more of other things and I was slowly sinking into deeper and deeper depression. After some time I have and the people around me started to indicate that I have changed and that I completely lost my joy, energy, and I look very sad. It took several months before I realized that I should do something, and that change comes not from outside. I was trying to overcome my depressive states. I started hypnosis, systemic constellations, physical activity and other activities and even it was not easy to activate myself it helped slowly to build my energy again. I also began to do simple exercises at home such as morning smile and few other easy laugher activities; I just tried to move my face and my body, which was due to depression "blocked".

When in summer 2009 the Danish laughter yoga teacher Ejvind Jacobsen and his wife Žaneta came I knew that this (first) course for laughter yoga leaders just gotta go. I made ultimate experience which I liked to share. Then I just started laughter yoga not only with myself, but also with colleagues at work and on many other occasions. Everything culminated founding laughter club (the first in my country) and most of my participation in laugher yoga teacher training with Dr. Kataria in Spring 2010 in Switzerland where I also found that I will be (it seems to be) first laughter yoga teacher in my country.

Since then, I devoted laughter yoga, all the free time. Laughter Club meets at least twice a month and I also do demonstrations at various conferences and festivals and I started doing courses as well. In the spring of 2011 we hosted with the Canadian laughologist Albert Nerenberg the first laughter championship in Europe in the Czech Republic (the fourth overall in the world). Since then, I also popularized laughter yoga in various newspapers and magazines and I even appeared in a talk show on national television and the news. Laughter Yoga helped me a lot to „come back“ and I would say that life changing experience it´s not only phrase it´s deep truth.

Website (will be launched in June 2011): www.smichologie.cz

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