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It was some years ago in Hamburg, Germany, I was interviewed by a journalist writing an article for a business journal. Towards the end of the interview, she asked me how I managed to spread the Laughter Clubs in so many countries. How did I manage people and how many people did I have in my office.
She was really surprised when I said, “I don't manage people. In fact, that is the reason why Laughter Clubs spread so fast! Secondly, I don't have many people, just my wife and a couple of assistants. Completely taken aback, she asked how I managed to communicate and network with so many Laughter Leaders worldwide.
While we were sitting in the restaurant and sipping coffee, I told her about the Leadership Skills I learnt during my numerous visits to different countries. I explained that Laughter Yoga is an organized Exercise routine in which one needs to learn the techniques of how to Laugh without jokes, humor and comedy.
To do this, one needs a Laughter Leader who leads the group through series of Laughter and Breathing Exercises. I realized that in order to spread Laughter Clubs around the world, I'd need the help of Laughter Leaders who can run the Social Laughter Clubs for free, as volunteers. It was quite easy for me to find volunteers in India, as most Laughter Club members are retired people, who had plenty of time to volunteer. But, it has been quite challenging to motivate people in the West, to give their time for a social cause that did not bring any income.
All this was not easy, especially in its initial stages. It was quite hard to deal with so many people who work as Leaders as most of them have big Ego and their own Perception. Offer egoistic, they would land up in conflicts making it difficult to maintain good relationships on a long-term basis.
This is where the age-old Indian wisdom from the East, taught me the most important lesson of my life. Somewhere, I had read a beautiful quote which said – ‘A good Leader is not the one who has more followers, rather a good Leader is the one who can create more Leaders. In other words, help others to become Leaders is the real Leadership quality. This set me thinking on how I could help others become Leaders and how I can support them, and keep them motivated to serve the cause.
The art of Leadership is the art of People’s Skill - to connect with others through Appreciation. Every human being wants compliments and accolades, as they are the most positive reinforcements which help a person go a long way.
So, whenever you manage people, remember to treat them with Respect and Dignity. Always appreciate their work, and encourage them further, without being negative. Give them the freedom to think and execute their creativity and vision. This will help in creating everlasting relationships.
This is the secret of Laughter Yoga going places
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Love & Laughter

Dr. K