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Launching New Revised Book - Laugh For No ReasonNew Revised Edition Of Laugh For No Reason

It gives me great pleasure to launch the new edition of my book ‘Laugh For No Reason’ which has long since been the most comprehensive study of Laughter Yoga and its many health benefits, and has helped to change the lives of tens and thousands of people around the world.

This book is an improvement over the last edition of 2007 as I have incorporated many new ideas, insights and development that have taken place in the last few years. As Laughter Yoga is a constantly evolving concept, you will find updates of most of the articles as well as get to read the creative inputs and experiences of Laughter Club members and laughter professionals from around the world. This edition has 264 pages and more than 100 color and B/W photos.

This Book Is About What

This book is about the revolutionary concept of Laughter Yoga - a body- mind technique, which has spread across more than 70 countries. The reason for this rapid worldwide spread is because people are getting enormous health benefits. Maintaining good health is the biggest challenge in this high pressure, high tension modern world. Almost 70 to 80 percent illnesses are due to stress, and heart disease, depression and cancer are now major killers.

For centuries everybody knew laughter is the best medicine, and science has now even proven it. But, there was no reliable method of bringing more laughter into people’s lives. In fact, most of the time humor and jokes do not work, and there are not many happenings in life that make us laugh. Laughter Yoga is a breakthrough delivery system which allows people to practice laughter without depending upon outside conditions and reasons of life. It is a one of its kind concept where anybody can laugh for no reason without relying jokes, humor and comedy. Laughter Yoga is a simple idea, which combines laughter exercises and yogic breathing for complete wellbeing. Initially, laughter is simulated in the form of physical exercise, but soon with eye contact and group dynamics, it turns into real and genuine laughter.

Laughing for no reason is the concept and philosophy behind all Laughter Yoga methods. Using this philosophy, many myths and misconceptions about laughter will be laid to rest. For example: how can you laugh when you don’t feel like laughing? How can you laugh if you are not happy? Do we need a sense of humor to laugh? Why children laugh so much and adults so little? How can I learn to laugh? This book will answer all these questions for the readers. They will get in-depth knowledge of why we need to laugh more today, what is Laughter Yoga and how does it work.

Knowledge is not enough. To get the benefits of laughter, one has to do laughter. This book describes in detail what happens in a typical Laughter Yoga session and how to do different laughter exercises in a group as well by yourself. We have also included a number of experiences, testimonials and stories of people who have benefited from laughter which lends the book more validity and reliability.

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