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Launching Gibberish DVD Kit by Dr. Madan Kataria & Jeffrey Briar4 DVD Set

Talking Gibberish has become a great tool for Laughter Yoga sessions, workshops & seminars. In this kit Dr. Kataria and Jeffrey Briar will impart formal teaching on the art of talking Gibberish and how one can use it with Laughter Yoga events.

DVD 1: Gibberish Workshop (Dr. Madan Kataria)

This is a live recording of a Gibberish workshop conducted by Dr. Kataria during his training session in Germany. It contains what is Gibberish & how to speak different types of Gibberish.

DVD 2: Gibberish Meditation (Dr. Madan Kataria)

This is a new technique developed by Dr. Kataria based on mind- sound-resonance technique. In this one can talk Gibberish silently in the mind and feel the resonance of the words in the body.

DVD 3: Art Of Talking Gibberish (Jeffrey Briar)

Developed by Jeffrey Briar along with his Laguna Beach Laughter Club members, this video gives great insights about the basics of Gibberish, together with practical demonstration of different types of Gibberish exercises.

DVD 4: Gibberish Party (Jeffrey Briar)

This is a new concept developed by Jeffrey who put together a Gibberish party for few hours, where a group for people meet and only talk Gibberish. The video includes introduction and conversational Gibberish, singing in Gibberish, how to express emotions in Gibberish, and how to make a speech & tell stories and jokes in Gibberish.

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