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Launching Dr Kataria’s New E - BookThe Inner Spirit of Laughter – Five Secrets from the Laughing Guru

We are launching a new book,” The Inner Spirit of Laughter – Five Secrets from the Laughing Guru” on 26thFebruary 2012. This book is a complete testament of 16 years of my journey with Laughter Yoga which has not only changed my life, but has also helped several people around the world to change their attitude and perception towards life.

These interesting stories will help you understand how unconditional laughter helps one to get in touch with their true self and spiritual nature. Inspirational and anecdotal, they have been taken not just from my life, but also from Laughter Club members worldwide, who have experienced the power of laughter in times of crisis or when dealing with difficult people. Most stories are based on actual happenings from my worldwide travels and are a result of motivation and new insights I developed while interacting with people of different cultures in different countries.

In the opening section, I have shared five secrets of laughing for no reason which is the core concept and philosophy behind all Laughter Yoga methods. Using this philosophy, many myths and misconceptions about laughter will be laid to rest. For example: how can you laugh when you don’t feel like laughing? How can you laugh if you are not happy? Do we need a sense of humor to laugh? Why children laugh so much and adults so little? How can I learn to laugh?

Over the years, yogic laughter has helped me discover five principles of inner spirit of laughter. These are based on my belief system of sensible and righteous living and will hopefully motivate and inspire you to cultivate a more positive mental attitude, and will enable you to glide through the challenges of life with a smile on your face.

These 5 principles are:

1. Be who you are and don’t pretend

2. Purpose of life is to contribute. It’s not about achievements

3. Do your best and leave the rest

4. Appreciation and forgiveness

5. When you change, the whole world changes

Whether we know it or not, every aspect of our life is influenced by certain universal principles. You may call them spiritual laws or universal laws. You may have noticed there are times when you don’t have to struggle hard and things come easy in life. Then there are times when certain good or bad things happen and one just does not know the reason and gets quite perplexed. Therefore, if we understand and imbibe these principles on the whole, we can live a life of complete flow without asking too many How’s and Why’s. It will help the logical mind to accept what’s not working and why we face problems in life which are incomprehensible and make us upset and angry. What cannot be explained logically can be understood by these spiritual principles. If we align ourselves to these principles, one can experience moments of happiness, peace, harmony and unlimited potentiality.

The five spiritual laws are:

1. Law Of Oneness

2. Law Of Impermanence

3. Law Of Imperfection

4. Law Of Karma

5. Law Of Opposites

Then there is the age old wisdom from India of 5 rooms of Work - Life Balance. According to this philosophy our life is like a house with five rooms: Self, Family, Work, Social and Spiritual. If we want our house to be clean or our life to be balanced we need to clean all the rooms and take care of all these areas of life. Most people are focused on their work, leaving other areas of life unattended which creates an imbalance. You will also learn what the relationship between silence and laughter is, and how one can find out about the five rooms by observing silence. There are practical suggestions about how to observe silence which will help you to go beyond the conscious and judging mind and enable you to get in touch with your true inner self. This introspective experience helps one to realize the power of silence and how it works towards bringing peace and tranquillity in our life. In times of difficulty, it is not easy to remain calm, but by imbibing the inner spirit of Laughter Yoga and its characteristics, one can learn to handle any situation effectively without losing composure.

Print Book will be Available by 15th March 2012.

E-Book(just for USD 8.95)