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Launch of Two New Laughter Yoga DVDsWe are launching 2 new Laughter Yoga Training DVDs –

Laughter Yoga with School Children & Laughteryoga for Buisness World. These will help understand why school children need to Laugh and play more. Also it will help to find more business opportunities for Laughter Yoga professionals in different fields - business on one side and serve the community on the other.
Laughter Yoga with Children

New DVD - Laughter Yoga with School Children

This video is for Laughter Professionals and for anyone who wish to introduce Laughter Yoga to School Children and bring more Laughter in their lives.

Laughter Yoga is an economical value addition to any educational institution. It is well accepted by both students and staff as the result is amazing. It helps relieve examination stress, improves academic performance, builds stamina, enhances creativity and improves the relationship between students and teachers. In this DVD, you will see Laughter Yoga being conducted with hundreds of children in different schools in India. You will also see some special Laughter Yoga sessions with physically and mentally challenged children, deaf and mute children and also with street children.

Launch of Two New Laughter Yoga DVDsLaughter Yoga In Business

New DVD - Laughter Yoga In Business

Laughter Yoga is all set to enter the corporate world in a big way. This DVD deals with different avenues where Laughter Yoga professionals can find business opportunities in areas like companies and corporations, Yoga studios and fitness centers, Senior (old age) homes, with cancer, self-help groups, mentally and physically challenged, professional speakers and HR trainings, hospitals, personal development and others.

It also addresses the issues faced by the business community like Stress Management, Team Building, Peak Performance, Work Life Balance, Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills and better health. It also provides guidelines on different kinds of programs for the business world, and how to make your presentations more effective and convincing.

Buy both the DVDs only at - USD 50 (Including shipping & handling)