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My husband was a very serious person and I hesitated to marry him 30 years ago because of his lack of humor or mirth.

He grew up in a home with very little laughter or play. However, we did marry and over the years, I worked on loosening him up. The laughter club was the pinnacle of it all.

I started the St Louis Laughter Club as a way to find my own laughter again and to help in restoring my own health, following breast cancer. We started 7 years ago and have continued meeting every week.

The laughter club was filmed and interviewed for a program last year. Afterwards, the inteviewer asked to talk with some laughter club members. My husband was one of them. She asked him why he came to the laughter club. He answered, "at first I came to humor my wife and to try to be supportive. But after awhile, I started noticing that I did feel better afterwards and I was having fun. Now I come because I like it! "

We recently had a discussion about laughter yoga and my husband told me that he finally decided it was ok to laugh when he began to realize that all the enlightened spiritual teachers that we have seen all laugh freely and openly themselves. They all have a childlike playfulness. And suddenly he realized it was good to be foolish and silly and laugh.

Now, when we leave for work in the morning, we yell out, very good, very good, yeah! Sometimes we say this chant as we are going to sleep.

The laughter yoga has been good for both of us and is always a reminder not to take o too seurselvesriously!