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"Laughter really is the best medicine. From pain and stress relief to improved immune system, heart and lung health, the evidence has become too overwhelming to ignore."

"Laughter also creates a high-frequency energetic state, which many refer to as "bliss." While in this state, your body literally tingles with joy! In fact, laughter has been equated with the full activation of the brains' left frontal lobe, or "Jolly Center," which also happens to coincide with enlightenment."

"From an energy medicine stand point, laughter works similar to acupuncture and acupressure to stimulate the release of any blockages in your chakras, meridian pathways and points. It soothes the soul and dispels the darkness. Just look into the eyes of someone fully engaged in laughter. It's a beautiful sight to see indeed, when the "spark of life" is ignited."

Meanie USA