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Elena Mantesso, Laughter Yoga leader, Italy: While Laughter Yoga is an important part of everyday life, Volleyball is for me a great passion. As I love to give every passion my best, I decided to use Laughter Yoga to help my friend’s volleyball team to improve their performance and excel in their game.

The leader training and constant updates by my teacher Letizia Espanoli enabled me to suggest new laughter exercises for the team that would act on body and mind. During any sport performance, the stress levels are very high invariably putting the mind in a negative mode and distracting one from the game. Thanks to Laughter Yoga, it was easy for us to overcome all the obstacles as laughter can change one’s mind state almost instantaneously and make it positive. Laughter Yoga exercises coupled with deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen to the body and brain resulting in better concentration and focus, which in turn helps the team to play better.

Before every game, we usually share the opportunity of doing together simple exercises that give us a feeling of lightness and happiness. Our chant of, "Bring your body to laugh and the mind will follow" is a great way to think constructively and do well in everything we take up in life.