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Laughter Yoga With Deaf & Mute Children in EcuadorLiving with a disability is a huge challenge and can be hard to deal with. It can lead to severe mental trauma and stress. One undergoes an all time low and sensations of self pity and self worthlessness set in. Laughter Yoga has the ability to elevate the mood state, helps to cope with physical and mental disability and provides relief from feelings of negativity. The group dynamics of Laughter Yoga leads to more openness and helps one to accept reality.

Laughter Yoga teacher Ricardo Llorente from Guayaquil Ecuador in South America recently conducted a laughter session with deaf and mute children in a school. The response of the children was fabulous because Ricardo guided them by his own emotions and actions following which they connected quickly. It was seen that many children responded spontaneously after doing laughter exercises. It also helped to improve their physical and mental well-being.