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Laughter Yoga With Bristol Laughter ClubRecently, on his visit to England, Dr. Kataria addressed the Bristol Laughter Club, the oldest one outside India and conducted a successful laughter session with the members. There were around 40 invitees who joined in to do various laughter exercises with the guru himself. But, for some, this was not as easy as it seemed. Many felt they could not laugh without any reason.

However, Dr. Kataria explained the concept of Laughter Yoga and said that by faking laughter, people can trick their bodies into replicating the neurochemical and aerobic responses generated by actual laughter. Eventually, even the most stubborn and resistant gigglers succumbed, and the room descended into cheerful chaos. “Now that,” said Dr. Kataria, wiping tears from under his specs, “is happiness on demand!”

This mutual exchange of merriment continued and the participants realized how laughter gives so much positive energy and even helps in lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system. It is indeed an ideal tool for complete wellness.

Article courtesy: http://www.hemispheresmagazine.com/2014/10/31/best-medicine/