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Laughter Yoga International Website Sampler & Clubs From Around the World

By: Melanie R. Rudolph

October 1, 2010

I am honored to be the latest Laughter Yoga International Blogger/Reporter.........Laughing from Louisville, Kentucky.

As I ponder the Question- What is one way that connects me with the rest of the World ?

It doesn't take me long to answer ~ LAUGHTER.

As I researched Laughter Yoga Websites around the World- I am profoundly moved by how Laughter & Laughter Yoga connects us all.

See Below for some Laughter Yoga Websites from around the World:

Australia with Merv Neal   http://www.laughteryoga-australia.org/

Belgium http://www.clubderiredeliege.org/

Bulgaria http://www.laughteryoga.bg/

Canada with Duncan Cook- http://www.laughtertraining.net/

Canada with Linda LeClerc-  http://www.yogadurire.com/

Chile with Tosha Tobias Taus-  http://www.yogadelarisa.cl/

Cyprus with Elina Papa- http://www.laughteryogacyprus.com/

Denmark http://www.aarhuslatterklub.dk/

Finland http://www.nauravainen.fi/

Germany http://www.berliner-lachschule.de/

Hong Kong- http://www.healthylaughters.org/

India http://www.laughteryoga.org/

Italy- http://www.yogadellarisata.it/

Iran- http://www.iranlaughterclub.com/

Israel- http://www.metaplim.co.il/a.asp?b=856

Japan- http://nagoyalaughterclub.blogspot.com/

Malaysia with Lee Jean-  www.laughteryogajb.blogspot.com

Mexico http://giropositivo.com/

Netherlands http://www.harten2coaching.nl/

New Zealand- http://www.laughteryoga.org.nz/

Norway- http://www.latteryoga.no/

Poland- http://www.jogasmiechu.pl/

Portugal- http://www.embaixadadoriso.com/

Serbia- http://www.smeh.org.rs/

Spain- http://www.yogasadhana.org/

Slovenia- http://www.osreci.se/

South Africa with Shareen Richter- http://www.laughtercoaching.co.za/

Sweden- http://www.skrattaforlivet.se/

Switzerland- http://www.hoho-haha.ch/

Taiwan with John Chen- http://www.laughter-yoga.org.tw/

Turkey http://ogem.com.tr/

Ukraine- Laughter Yoga Club

United Kingdom- http://www.joehoare.co.uk/

USA Laughter Yoga Master Teachers:

California with Sebastian Gendry- http://www.laughteryogaamerica.com/

Laguna Beach, California with Jeffrey Briar- http://lyinstitute.org/the-laughter-club-experience/

Iowa with Laura Gentry- http://www.laughinglaura.com/


I will be compiling a more in depth USA & Worldwide Laughter Yoga Websites in the Future...

If you have or know of more Websites in Different Countries ~ Please email them to me atwellnessforyou@gmail.com .... Please put in Subject: Laughter Yoga Website from _____(please put Country)....

Remember that you are AMAZING 🙂 Thank you for continuing to send me Laughter My Way 🙂


"I left in love, in laughter, and in truth, and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit."  Bill Hicks

Love to Laugh ~ Laugh to Love, Melanie