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Most Recent Laughter Yoga Testimonials:

"I absolutely loved being there and spending time with you. I have been doing laughter yoga ever since ... I am feeling great and happy. So glad I had the opportunity to meet you and spend time with you." --- Jody Morris

"It was our pleasure to have met you! Thank you very much for all the new knowledge you shared with us. We will try to laugh every day!" -- Dr. and Mrs Florencio Lucero

"Why aren't more people laughing? Why aren't you sharing laughter with more people? Why are you keeping it to yourselves? It's very effective in relieving stress and bringing joy into our lives!" -- Teacher Zhou

"I had so much fun this morning. I wish I had encountered laughter yoga much earlier in my life!" -- Madam He, 75

"Wow, the first session was 'comical' -- laughing for no reason whatsoever. I soon realised that what started as laughing at those 'clowns' made me one too and soon, with no inhibitions, I burst out laughing myself." -- Elizabeth Tan

"What a happy day! I had a wonderful time ... laughter yoga is best experienced with friends. It's great to laugh together and laugh like a child. No embarrassment. No reason. Simply laugh! And laugh! And laugh!" -- Christine Wong

"Just thinking about the laughter yoga session puts a smile on my face and makes my whole being light." -- Bernadette Lum