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Laughter Yoga Stroke Research wins International Award in DubaiDr Gita Suraj Narayan and Sheroma Surajnarayan from South Africa recently attended the 7th Annual Pan-Arab Critical Care Medicine Congress, 3rd Asia-Africa, WFSICCM Conference; 7th Emirates Critical Care Conference in Dubai where they presented their groundbreaking research on the Biopsychosocial Impacts of Laughter Yoga on Stroke Survivors.

The research found numerous health benefits as well as life changing improvements in the quality of the lives of the laughter yoga participants. More importantly, the study showed a decrease in blood pressure, the main cause of stroke, as well as a reduction in the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients thereby reducing the health costs of these stroke survivors.

The research was very well received by the board of management and delegates of the conference. They were all impressed by the non-medical intervention that could have big implications for changing the face of healthcare management. Dr Gita Suraj Narayan and her Daughter Sheroma Surajnarayan were elated to have won the IBN Tilmeez Award for Best Healthcare Management Research because "it is more than a research project for us" said Dr Suraj Narayan, "our work with the stroke survivors is ongoing and is very close to our hearts."

Dr Gita and Sheroma have been conducting Laughter Yoga session with the stroke survivors and senior citizens of the Verulam Day and Frail Care Centre more than two years on a voluntary basis and will continue to do so well into the future. "Laughter Yoga is an inexpensive but effective treatment model, it can be used for people from all walks of life because it does not require any resources or special equipment." says Sheroma Surajnarayan. "Laughter Yoga should be used as a complimentary treatment and should not be a substitute for medical intervention" adds Dr Gita Suraj Narayan.

There is still a lot more great work to come from the laughing duo, with plans to launch their own Laughter Institute and continue with community projects around Africa.

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