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Laughter Yoga Research In Slovenia

A study conducted by the University of Mariboru in Slovenia shows that Laughter Yoga has a much better effect on preventing high blood pressure, relieving stress and improving heart rate thereby proving that it a great exercise routine for one’s well-being. The study included randomly selected volunteers who were organized into two groups - those who take medication and those who do not. The measurements of blood pressure, heart rate, and peripheral oxygen saturation of haemoglobin were performed before and after the training.

At the end of the study it was deduced that Laughter yoga is an effective method for the prevention of high blood pressure for those who have not yet been diagnosed. Statistically important differences were noted with average changes in enthusiasm, optimism, connectedness, energy levels, mood, muscle relaxation, breathing awareness and in the ability to laugh for no reason. The biggest changes were observed in stress levels, which on average were 60% lower.

This study has already been published on the university’s website: