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merv_nealMerv Neal Australia: At the 2011 Australasian Conference we were visited by the 60 Minutes TV team. For those of you who aren’t aware of them, 60 Minutes, both here and overseas, has been one of the longest running and most highly respected current affairs shows in the history of television. They were in “The Pursuit of Happiness” and said at the end of their segment that “they never really got happier than they did in the most infectious atmosphere of this quite mad but lovable group of Laughter Clubbers”. In that same segment they interviewed a Professor Robert Cummins who is the Head of Psychology and “Happiness Expert” at Deakin University. So when I got back to Melbourne I gave him a call and suggested we meet. He invited me to lunch and said that it could be an opportunity for some final year psychology students to do their thesis on Laughter Yoga. I said YES ! ! !

How will this work

What followed was amazing. There was a queue of students who wanted to be involved. From that queue, Dr Melissa Weinberg (assistant to Professor Cummins), selected four of the best and brightest students to conduct a series of studies under her watchful and wise eyes. From there they devised a series of psychometric tests that they wished to conduct on a group of Laughter Yoga Club members, as well as a business, who would adopt Laughter Yoga as part of their daily routine over a one month period


What they’re looking for is the impact that Laughter Yoga has on the participants’ wellbeing, relationships, self-esteem, optimism and control, job satisfaction, perceived health, stress and anxiety levels, mood, and risk taking behavior


For that reason we require two things. We need a minimum of 50 Laughter Yoga Club Members who can attend a Laughter Club every week for a month, along with a business or organization that can contribute a minimum of 50 employees to do a Laughter Yoga session on a daily basis over a one month period


What they intend to do is carry out questionnaires on the people involved before, during, and then after them being involved in a Laughter Yoga session


This whole process will commence in May and be completed by September or October. It will provide the world at large, but more specifically the psychological fraternity, with the impact on the mind of Laughter Yoga

So here is my plea…can anyone out there help me???

Are you prepared to be a part of medical and Laughter Yoga history to help us get the official accreditation of what we all know to be true…AND…can you seek out an organization that would be willing to help us with this project. The only criteria is that they have to have a minimum of 50 people who would be willing to do Laughter Yoga every morning for a month and be located in Melbourne or the surrounding suburbs. I look forward to your calls on 0408 552269 or emails to mervneal@laughteryoga.org
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