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k_m_thomasKM Thomas, Bahrain: This is an island with a Golden smile”- an archipelago of 33 Islands. It is also called ‘the Land of Pearls’. This great country which is only a ‘dot’ on the world map is throbbing with life and enthusiasm and Laughter Yoga has contributed tremendously towards a blissful life for the residents of Bahrain.

I was fortunate to be an instrument in introducing Laughter Yoga here in 2003. The first club, KCA Laughter Club started with 40 members and meets twice a month. The club is a great support to me and it orchestrates the World Laughter Day, Laughter March and many other Laughter contests.

I was truly motivated also by the interest of various media which has contributed immensely in the propagation of this unique concept of life and healing. In fact, I must mention the ‘Bahrain Meet up Group’ - a social media group which invited me to conduct a Laughter Yoga session during their monthly gathering. Members from numerous nations enjoyed and experienced the benefits of laughter and appreciated its effectiveness in daily life.

Besides the media, various business groups, Community Clubs, and Toastmasters clubs also requested me to conduct sessions which were truly gratifying. What motivated me to continue to experience this truth are the responses from individuals. They were grateful for they were able to bring their emotions under perfect control.

The second Laughter Club was inaugurated in 2010.The director of the World Beat Fitness Center Ms Jane Goodwin initiated the club. Participants of this club are from different countries and they meet regularly on 2nd and 4th Saturdays.

This year, I had the great opportunity to meet and get trained by Dr. Madan Kataria which changed my entire philosophy. Today, I have a huge circle of friends to interact with and to make positive, laudable contribution to the society through Laughter Yoga training programs. I am the first Laughter Yoga Teacher in Bahrain. Though I had some teething troubles, now I am able to impart assiduous sessions to employees and students in Bahrain. Beneficiaries and the participants are convinced that learning and working environment can be changed positively by practicing Laughter Yoga.

This academic year CBSE (India) has introduced in the 10th Grade syllabus, a chapter on the benefits of Laughter Yoga. Laughter Yoga sessions have been introduced as part of the school schedule in Indian School, Bahrain. Students here never forget to greet with smile and laughter.

A group of active youth from Egypt and Philippines has found this therapeutic system highly effective to face the problems and crisis that most people in Bahrain face today. My heart throbbed when I heard that their inattention, confusion and agitation are under control when they practice Laughter Yoga with me. Recent Laughter Yoga sessions in Summer Camps conducted in various places melted the heat of the horrid summer –say the participants.

Laughter Yoga Clubs has made its great start changing families and communities. The Kingdom of Bahrain ‘smiles and smiles and makes miles of smiles’ today despite the untoward incidents. We are committed and I believe this beautiful country will soon experience that tranquility and bliss that Laughter Yoga gives, in greater measure and abundance.