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Laughter Yoga Project in Prisons in Mexico aims to Unleash Happiness Laughter Yoga Project in Prisons in Mexico aims to Unleash Happiness

Luis Gomez has a heart for doing Laughter Yoga in the penitentiary system in Mexico City. He has a very large goal of reaching out to every prisoner and to help empower them to tap into their inner happiness. The aim is in alignment with Laughter Yoga International to create World Peace starting with peace within ourselves.

Ideally, by practicing laughter yoga, prisoners will be reminded to make better choices for themselves, their families, their communities & the world. Read more about this life changing laughter yoga project and how to get ideas to implement in a city near you.

Luis Gómez: Mexico City, Mexico: Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls said Joseph Campbell. The aim of the project Unleash your Happiness is to go through the whole penitentiary system of Mexico City carrying out laughter yoga sessions with the prisoners.Our experience in the Anexo del Reclusorio Oriente (a prison in the west side) with the laughter yoga sessions is a enriching one, since we not only have verified that the laughter is an effective instrument to help the inmates to liberate negative emotions but also have learned that Grisons can be a mental state. We have also witnessed positive changes in the attitude of the inmates, as well as in the relationships with the safety personnel and the decrease of the violence.

In the Instituto Mexicano de Yoga de la Risa (Mexican Laughter Yoga Institute) we are convinced of the healing powers of this technique that gives the opportunity of empowering other human beings to remember that happiness exists within every single one of us, no matter the conditions in which we are, and from then on, we can establish harmonious relationships with the rest of the people.

The goal of the project: To fill the penitentiary system with Laughter YogaLaughter Yoga Project in Prisons in Mexico aims to Unleash Happiness

The plan:

  • To have regular meetings twice a week in the different prisons for a month.
  • To train the prisoners who have previously experienced this technique (and received its benefits) so that they can lead the future meetings.
  • To make periodic monthly visits to verify the evolution of the activities in every single center.
  • This video shows us a closing session. As you can see there are people filming and taking pictures since they will have a coverage on TV.

In general the inmates are very grateful for all what they´ve got from the meetings. They said that they feel a refresher every time they do it. They feel free. They think that the exercise exercises help them to realize that they can cultivate their internal peace. Also, they are thankful for the opportunity to keep on with the sessions since they truly believe in this project.

For More Information or to contact Luis, Please go to www.jojojajaja.com.