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Laughter Yoga in the Business World
People often ask me “How do I get Laughter Yoga opportunities in the Corporate or Business World”. I tell them that it’s easy. Identify their pain and ease it. “Where do we find this information” they then ask…easy again. Look in the newspapers. An article in The Australian on the 28th January detailed that Workplace Bullying is costing more that $15 billion per annum. Now there’s an opportunity for us if ever I’ve seen one. People who conduct themselves in this way quite simply are not happy…usually with themselves. Can Laughter Yoga address this…yes ! ! !

Problem Cause Solution
So with this information in mind you need to have the conversation with the business as to whether this is an issue with their organization. If it is you then need to uncover why this is happening. Once you’ve done this you can then determine how Laughter Yoga can solve this cause. If it can, set a date and time…if it can’t laugh and walk away. Leave your details with them and tell them to call you next time they need a “business pain doctor”

Keynote Workshop or Program
If you do get the gig you now need to decide how are you going to present Laughter Yoga to them. Essentially you have three options. 1. You can do a keynote for one hour or less…a workshop for three to four hours…or an on going program over a series of visits. Be clear about what you are trying to achieve and how they can measure the impact of your program and then “go for it”. If you have a specific application that you need some help with please contact me at any stage. I’d be only too happy to help