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Laughter Yoga Online Learning Center provides a learning opportunity about Laughter Yoga methods, history, concept, philosophy, steps, benefits and different applications. The best way to learn Laughter Yoga techniques is by watching videos. It is a great library for those who want to acquire a knowledge base and wish to become Laughter Yoga professionals in future.

Unique Features Of Online Learning Center:

• No DVD player or DVDs
• No shipping cost
• Most economical
• Life Time Membership

Contents Of Online Learning

Laughter Yoga – History, Concept And Philosophy (3 chapters)

Dr. Kataria will answer the most critical questions about laughter like: How can one laugh without using humor and jokes; how can one laugh when not in a good mood; and how can one laugh when one is not happy? He will also teach you how to train your body and mind to laugh.

Complete Laughter Yoga Session - Warming Up, Laughter Session, Laughter Meditation (3 chapters)

Watch Laughter Yoga session being conducted step by step, most popular laughter exercises, Laughter Meditation and different techniques.

100 Most Popular Laughter Yoga Exercises (10 chapters)

Watch popular Laughter Yoga exercises being practiced around the world including 40 Foundation exercises and others.

Laughter Yoga For Seniors (3chapters)

Laughter Yoga exercises are ideal for the elderly as it delivers the benefits of laughter and helps seniors keep healthy and happy.
Laughter Yoga With School Children (3chapters)
Laughter Yoga is now being accepted and implemented in different schools in India and other countries to reduce stress, improve academic performance and communication skills.

Laughter Yoga In Business (4chapters)

Laughter Yoga is a great tool for companies and corporations as it helps in stress management, peak performance, team building and communication skills.

Laughter Yoga Alone (3 chapters)

These techniques are very beneficial for those who do not have an easy access to Laugher Clubs. It helps them get the same health benefits as from the clubs.

Most Popular Fun Games From Laughter Clubs (2 chapters)

These fun games are designed to cultivate childlike playfulness among grownups. Easy to play, they make people laugh and are excellent ice breakers for trainings and workshops.

Training Videos (10 Chapters)

An excellent resource for Laughter Yoga professionals, these training videos provide in-depth knowledge about laughter session, laughter meditation and grounding exercises.

One On One Laughter Coaching (8 chapters)

This program enables people to learn and teachers to coach Laughter Yoga One-on-One. It is a great resource and value addition for Laughter Yoga professionals.

Yoga Nidra (mp3 Audio)

Yoga Nidra is a powerful and easy to practice relaxation technique and recharge mechanism which makes you feel energized, cheerful and improves efficiency.

Humming Meditation (mp3 Audio)

Humming involves deep and slow inhalation and is a great way to break the chain of thoughts and their reactions and help relax the body and mind.

Exhale & Relax (EXHALEX) (mp3 Audio)

EXHALEX is a quick recharge method for highly stressed people. In this both inhalation and exhalation are prolonged to release all fears, stress and tensions from the body and mind.

Breath Connect Meditation (mp3 Audio)

Breath Connect Meditation is a powerful technique of visualization and breathing at the same time that helps you to connect with others in a mysterious way and improves your relationship with others.

Ho Ho Ha Ha Grounding Dance (mp3 Audio)

Grounding dance is a technique used in Laughter Clubs after a laughter session and meditation making one feel emotionally stable and well grounded.

Laugh & Dance Party (mp3 Audio)

Laughing and dancing are both expressions of joy which is the very basics of Laughter Yoga. It is a combination of laughter exercises interspersed with dynamic Indian and African music.

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