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beth bongarWelcome to this  week’s tips for  Happy Stress fee Laughter filled Living !

Hey ! Laugh for the Health of it !!! Why not ?

I’m going to give you three ideas to energize your body with breath while you’re at work. Sitting at a desk can be draining – we need to make sure we move throughout the day, and breathe! Take a peek at my three tips to energize the body by using something simple and easy – breathing.

Flowers on your desk?  Breath in --- ahhhhh-smell the roses! hahaha

1) The breath of HA. People underestimate the importance of deep breathing. Take a deep breath in, and exhale on “ha,” like you are laughing. Expel stale air and energy from your lungs, and increase your oxygen levels with every breath in.

2) Find ways to laugh – instead of being angry when you feel the stress of the day. Someone on the phone being difficult? Your boss getting on your nerves? Have a sense of humor about it! Instead of getting irritated, laugh, and train your response to stress.

3) Try Laughing Diva’s “chi” exercise. You will breathe in while grabbing all the “chi” or energy around you. Use your arms and reach forward, and as you inhale, pull them toward you and suck in a deep breath of air, as if you were about to dive under water. Hold it for a moment, and then with a big release, laugh as you exhale! You’ll have plenty of breath so you can “haha” the air out. This exercise is a delightful way to practice breathing.

So often when we are stressed, our breath becomes short. I recommend that you find creative and fun ways to remind yourself to breathe. Fill your lungs and open your heart – stand nice and tall and bring new energy into your body.

Laughter yoga is about the breath of “ha!” – and with deep inhales and exhales, and laughter – you will increase be healthier by increasing joy and decreasing stress. Even while you’re at work!