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Laughter Yoga Keeps Spirits HighLaughter is not only good for the soul, but also produces substantial results for the body, as well. There are numerous reports from practitioners who have experienced a healthy change and a complete body-mind wellness.

Helen Konis, an 86 year old from Ohio was to be put on oxygen as the levels were really low. She then began taking a class in Laughter Yoga offered at the South Euclid Community Center. "When I started, my oxygen was bad. But now my level is right up and I don't need oxygen treatment,” said Konis.

Dreskin, a retired special education teacher also from South Euclid was facing a lot of stress in life because of her job and turned to Laughter Yoga for support and relief. In fact, both she and her husband became certified Laughter Yoga leaders and started regular laughter sessions at the community center. Dreskin found it totally life changing. "She was haggard and down," said Dreskin's friend, Kathryn Mierke. "Since she's been doing this, she's a completely different person. All the stress is off her face."

While doing a laughter session with seniors Dreskin noticed the smiles and the laughter when the participants were following her in a round of loud and hearty "ho, ho, ha, ha's" that punctuated their uplifted feelings. There were also affirmations, such as "I'm amazing. You're amazing. We're amazing," and "I love to laugh. You love to laugh. We love to laugh."

"They're all nice people, we're like family" said Blanche Herzig, who at 90 credits Laughter Yoga with helping to keep her spirits high. A cancer survivor who lost a part of her lung, Herzig also suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. "It doesn't hurt to put a smile on your face," she said.

"We all live in the adult world with bills and taxes and pain, and we forget there's a little child inside us who knows how to have a good time," said Dreskin. For her teaching the class is not a job. “This is joyful and happy," she said. "I'm reinventing myself."

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