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LAUGHTER YOGA ITALIAN CONGRESS from 17th to 19th OctoberFor the first time Dr. Kataria will hold his "Silence & Laughter Spiritual Retreat” outside of India, in San Leo (Italy) from 14th to 17th October. Immediately after the Retreat, he will attend the Italian Laughter Yoga Congress from 17th to 19th, as a Special Guest of Honor along with his wife Madhuri.

The Congress will be attended by several guests from all over the world and will be 3 full days of great energy and laughter. Some guests who will be present are: Erika G. Ruiz from U.S.A. KeyemThomez from Baharain, Egbert Griebling from Germany, Akira Sugiuraand from Japan and Fabrice Loizeau from France.

The Italian guests include Richard Romagnoli, Loretta bert, Rodolfo Matto, TerenzioTraisci, LetiziaEspanoli, Franco D'Onofrio, Lucia Suriano, Graziella Mazza, Angelina Pettinato, Daniele Solieri, FabianaStringano.

Livio Sgarbi, AssuntaCorbo, Franca Grimaldi and Dr. Francesco Giombini are special guests who will grace the occasion.
There will be workshops, trainings, keynote speeches... all in Bella Italia!!