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Just recently I went to visit a potential client. I was going to discuss the implementation of a Workplace Wellness Program into his organization of 17,000 people. It was obviously a GRRREAT opportunity and not one to be taken lightly. For this reason it’s important to get off to a good start by developing a rapport and connection immediately


Your first words are always the most important

I had to call this gentleman when I got to reception and his Personal Assistant would come and sign me in past security. Instead of ringing his PA I called his mobile phone number as I knew he would answer it. His first words were terrible. It sounded like he was having the worst day of his life…and all he said was his name…”John here”. He was obviously tired, distressed, and upset and it was only nine o’clock in the morning. I was wondering how he would sound at his last meeting at the end of the day


My first words were very hurtful…and powerful

I was there to talk about how Laughter Yoga could be used to improve the morale, confidence, productivity, attitude, and profitability of his people. It could also reduce stress, waste, accidents, sick leave, and bullying claims. I could see he was relatively impressed but not “madly in love with the concept”…until I said…”it could even help you”. At this stage I thought that security was going to be called and I would be escorted from the building as he said…ME…WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME ! ! ! I thought he was offended. I couldn’t have read it more incorrectly. He was in fact amazed that I had been so perceptive to notice that he actually had a problem. I now had his attention. Now to show him how and why I knew what I did


Use your new powers of emotional perception

With Laughter Yoga we are very involved and connected to our and other people’s emotions. My ability to quickly and very perceptively sum up his situation was profound. I told him “John when you answered the phone you sounded like crap”…a very Australian thing to say. I told him how through Laughter Yoga I hear and see so many people who are happy and joyful that it is very easy to identify someone who is not


The result was fantastic

Needless to say the outcome was very positive. He invited me back to do a presentation to his staff just prior to their staff training budgets being set. From there we would have another meeting provided everything went well. Most importantly he told me that as a result of our meeting he told me he felt much better…in fact he felt GRRREAT. That being the case my job was done. After all with Laughter Yoga we are trying to change the World one person at a time