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Laughter Yoga in Wellington, New ZealandLynda Andrews CLYT : We may be a small country that specializes in small groups, however, this can work to our advantage. We are finding that quality one-one and small group interaction provides in-depth development in our Laughter Yoga skills. This year Laughter Teacher Lynda has trained seven Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders and each one of them in the Wellington Region of New Zealand, are putting there Laughter Yoga to practical use on a daily basis and are touching many people’s lives, in wonderful ways.

Laughter Leaders Mel and Jill work in a facility called Thumbs Up that is a day service for young adults with intellectual and/or physical disabilities and they have made a difference both to the residents, residents’ families and staff. There is a marked improvement in residents’ mobility, communication and general health, which is brilliant to see! Laughter Leader Louise is working with mother and babies groups and is offering Laughter Yoga in her community. Being a Mum herself with two small children she knows how beneficial laughing every day can be to help alleviate the stress and demands of bringing up a young family. Laughter Leader Clare brings her skills into her work every day at the school she teaches in, delighting both children and staff and boosting the energy and morale of many people.

Laughter Yoga in Wellington, New ZealandLaughter Leaders Kirsten and Clare are now actively running the vibrant Johnsonville Community Group that Laughter Teacher Lynda began and each week new participants arrive to experience the fun and joy that is generated. The core group ensures that new people very quickly feel at ease with the laughter exercises being practiced. Laughter Leader Christene has a thriving business as an Integrated Body Therapist and works individually with her clients boosting their energy levels and all round health with Laughter Yoga exercises; these are creatively included in her clients’ consultation. Laughter Leader Sue works as an Activity Co-ordinator in a Rest Home Hospital and each day her senior residents enjoy the benefits of her expertise in laughing, breathing, stretching, singing and dancing with them – she is a joy to behold! Laughter Teacher Lynda has had enormous satisfaction setting each one of these quality people onto their laughter paths and continues each day to encourage their development as individuals and as a group of Laughter Yoga Enthusiasts.

And so, from a very small group of 8 in Wellington we touch around 250 people every day. If we do this every day for a year we shall actively laugh with 91,250 people in Wellington. And, from this number we shall keep growing as more wonderful Laughter Leaders are waiting in the wings to be trained very shortly.