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Laughter yoga in the U.KHaving trained as a laughter leader in 2007 with Julie Whitehead, Robin Graham and Joe Hoare in London and more recently as a LY teacher with Dr. K in Bangalore, laughter has been flowing and growing freely in Cornwall and beyond.

‘Curly’ Steve Patterson has set up two businesses which both promote laughter yoga.

The ‘Cornwall Laughter Club’ is the social side whose mission is to have a club in every town (36 in total) in Cornwall within the next 5 years.

Steve will end eavour to start each club and then hand them over to newly trained leaders as soon as possible.

Then there’s ‘Peak Awareness’ which is the commercial side who deliver personal performance coaching, surf coaching and Laughter yoga mainly to business, schools, clients with special needs etc. Under the strap line ‘Discover and realise your true potential’.

Laughter yoga in the U.K Laughter yoga in the U.K

Peak Awareness is based in Newquay, Cornwall where the sea and the country meet to create breathtaking landscapes, beaches and the sunsets are second to none. Peak Awareness are busy designing many Laughter retreats as standalone breaks as well as surfing and laughing, silence, contemplation and laughing and nature and laughing trips.

Steve said; “I am extremely passionate about the amazing benefits laughter yoga has to offer anyone and everyone. Since learning to laugh for no reason and then training to be able to help and encourage others to do the same, my world has been transformed into one filled with joy and laughter, peace and happiness.”

For more information please visit www.peakawareness.co.uk and www.cornwalllaughterclub.org and come and visit us in Cornwall, you will be most welcome.