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Laughter Yoga in SlovakiaThere are many new Laughter Yoga Clubs being created in new countries everyday. Here is great news reported from Slovakia. Miro Smolicek will be starting a Laughter Yoga Club in Slovakia. Please read below about how Miro found out about Laughter Yoga, the benefits that he has experienced from doing Laughter Yoga and his passion to start a Laughter Yoga Club in his country. Laughter Yoga International is here to support you in starting a Laughter Yoga club in your country. Please let us know how we can support you.


 Miro Smolicek, Slovakia

Here is my experience with Laughter Yoga. Laughter Yoga caught my attention immediately. When I saw Laughter Yoga for the first time on TV, I did not understand it at all. I asked myself questions such as: What are these people doing ? What is this Yoga about ? Now, about ten years I actively meditate and I am trained in psychotherapy (PCA). I have experienced that Laughter Yoga has helped me in stilling my mind and very effectively letting go of my ego. This is what happened to me– I was doing Laughter Yoga exercises from your book "Laughing for No Reason" and i felt the results. Then, I felt that I still wanted to laugh more and I spontaneously had an idea come up to my mind. Look at your Computer PC on the psychometric test (personable test – Hogan, not IQ or something) and the result was extraordinary. All the texts I was reading, seemed like the very best joke. Laughing by myself was very cathartic and it lasted for more than one hour. During this activity, I was reading and the laughing was unstoppable. Then, I calmed myself down and started to meditate and finally I went to sleep. In the morning, I was feeling very fresh and immensely free. I had a smile on my lips constantly and sometimes I just started to laugh with all the people and all trees and everything. I wanted to hug everybody. In situations where my natural reaction was fear or anxiety, I just laughed and made other people laugh as well. Everything seemed very different, the same world seen through different eyes. I didn't experience such a radical transformation, even during my contact with psychotherapy.

I am very thankful to Dr. Kataria that he has made it possible for me to come into contact with Laughter Yoga. I will form a laughter club in my country. (Slovakia). The laughter club will be In the town where I am living (Piestany). We have a beautiful park which everybody can use.

I know that my knowledge of Laughter Yoga is still limited. For now, I will learn step by step and possibly have mistakes. However, I believe it is better to do this than nothing at all and we will see what happens.

Submitted by: Miro Smolicek


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