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Laughter Yoga In Italian SchoolLucia Suriano a certified Laughter Yoga teacher from Italy runs a laughter project for children as well as teachers in an Italian school in which she proposed a path of self-knowledge and its emotional dimension for children through Laugher Yoga.

The project is:

For students between 11 and 14 years old: “Wellness Travel: laugh with the body and stay well with mind and emotional mind”For colleagues teachers: “Knowing and preventing the burnout syndrome with an application of Laughter Yoga”

Read Lucia’s report on the success of her project:

Lucia: In these two years in which I developed the project, I did an experiment combining LY method with games and discussions that amplify the emotional intelligence. I gave the students tests on the perception of emotions before they started the project and at the end of the path, which showed that the boys, after having lived the experience of LY, have greater awareness of their own emotional reactions, both positive and negative.

I led classic Laughter Yoga sessions and left the students some space to create new stimulated laughter in small groups. Before starting, I created a family atmosphere and non-judgmental awareness. The project required great energy and the teenage boys at times found it difficult to adhere to the rules. Laugh for no reason for them was difficult, after the whole session they could not wait to relax by going through the amazing experience of Laughter Meditation, in which they always seemed very impressed by my laughter.

There are days when fatigue is felt, but when I'm with the kids I open to them with my heart and everything works perfectly. This year, I have experienced off and on the possibility of revitalizing the attention during the hours of morning classes, introducing short breaks of laughter; despite the fear of losing control of the situation. The experiment has worked mainly in the class in which I carry out most of my work hours. I always worked with groups of students of the same class, except one group and the last event with which I concluded the project and put together 5 classes. The project was developed in sessions which took place once a week for two months. In these two years the project has involved about 200 students and included a special session for foreign students who were in Italy for a language exchange project of European Union. I think it was an important opportunity to demonstrate that Laughter Yoga has very positive effects on children and does not create confusion if students are properly guided.

I also organized a refresher course for my colleagues. The course lasted 30 hours in which I worked with the help of a psychologist on the knowledge of burnout for teachers; what it is and how to prevent it. It was a great experience of sharing, unity and well-being. At the end of the course, I gave the teachers a certificate of participation titled "Happy Teacher'

Throughout the institute I get recognized as "The Smile of Monterisi" (this is the name of the school). I believe in a happy school that cares about the peaceful growth of the pupils as well as that of teachers.