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Laughter Yoga In Dakota Senior CenterToday, people worldwide have become aware that exercising is the key to keeping healthy. They have realized the benefits of the ancient science of yoga and its ability to reduce stress, depression as well as cure many physical diseases.

Like yoga, Laughter Yoga also lays stress on deep breathing, which is fundamental to good health. It teaches people to change their breathing pattern from shallow to deep, thus leading to a feeling of complete body-mind wellness.

In fact, today, many traditional yoga teachers have incorporated Laughter Yoga during their session and they find that participants exhibit a lot of energy and enthusiasm and a feeling of inner happiness.

Recently, a group of elderly women had a hearty laugh at the Grand Forks Senior Center in North Dakota during their yoga class. The session had folks laughing at different volumes and moving around for exercise.

"So often we don't laugh enough during the day and this offers us a venue by which we can laugh, experience laughter with others and then the wonderful benefits to our health that laughter provides us,” said the instructor Sue Thompson.

Yoga teachers say the benefit of laughing includes building the immune system and it brings in more oxygen for the brain.

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