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ILaughter Yoga In Churchn a recently published report a church service conducted in Hamlethub, Ridgefield, was most unusual - particularly as the sermon was given by a yoga instructor Joe who shared the art of Laughter Yoga.
During the interactive sermon, he showed many ways in which we can invoke laughter within ourselves without needing an outside influence, such as watching a comedy or giggling at a joke. The only question was just how to begin laughing on your own with no outside influence. Can it really be done? And then Joe began clapping and chanting ho ho ha ha ha…Initially, there were few giggles, but soon the room was filled with the most joyous laughter that lit up everyone’s spirits with pure delight.
The congregation learned that Laughter Yoga can bring joy even in even some of the more stressful situations one might face. For instance, stuck in traffic when you are late for an appointment? Try some Laughter Yoga. Waiting nervously for your root canal appointment? There's Laughter Yoga waiting in the wings to lighten your mood. You might have to be face some strange looks from those around you but soon laughter becomes contagious and everyone starts laughing.
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