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Laughter Yoga Improved My RelationshipsRam Kumar: Growing up for me was a struggle with a single mom and four other siblings. Nothing came cheap and it was a real challenge. As an adolescent, I searched for the greater meaning of things, who am I? Or why was I here? “You know the general questions of life we all seem to forget?” Certain activities like martial arts and fitness kept me going for a while. Although it was good, it had its limits, and soon the questions weighed me down again. I was depressed and confused about more than half of things that went on in my life.

I was conducting Martial Training as an Instructor and Personal Fitness trainings as a business, and later I enrolled in the Republic Polytechnic to study health with grants from my local sports council. There I learnt about health, and in particular about anatomy and physiology and psychology only to realize how amazing in sync everything was. Then at 21 years of age, I came across Laughter Yoga through the web and felt a strong desire to pick up this program that made the turning point for my business and relationships. Laughter Yoga was truly “a life changing experience” It gave me my purpose of life.

After Laughter Yoga, I am inspired to seek better relationships. In fact, the quality of people in my life changed dramatically. Besides the many health benefits of laughter, I feel it teaches us to be more human. As a teacher of Laughter Yoga my mission is to bring out the laughter of others and convince them to share theirs with many more.