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Laughter Yoga Helps Students Loosen UpStudents of a Creative Thinking class in Central Virginia Community College recently enjoyed a Laughter Yoga session with imaginary cocktails and milkshakes in hand, as they laughed like super villains! It helped them to get out of the constant rational mode of thinking and loosen up a bit.

Laughter instructor Kristin Jo Freed taught them to laugh on demand while acting out little scenarios like bowing to a partner or waving to a crowd. Fake laughter is proven to have many of the same benefits as spontaneous laughter, Freed said, and it often leads into the real thing. She listed the several health benefits of laughter like hormonal and immune changes, physical and emotional release, internal workout and social connection among others.

Students’ reactions varied. A few seemed occasionally amused while many lost it in peals of belly laughs. The class was interesting and most of them were motivated to laugh for no reason, as they felt they hardly get a chance to laugh this hard.

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