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Laughter Yoga Health And Wellness Show In OntarioDuncan Cook - CLYT, Canada: Toronto recently played host to the first Laughter Yoga Show in Ontario. Approximately 70 people participated in the show held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It is a new initiative to highlight the various aspects of Laughter Yoga and its benefits, and also to provide an opportunity to connect with other members of Laughter Yoga International. For many, this was their first experience of Laughter Yoga, and the response was enthusiastic.

Several Laughter sessions, including an international session in various languages, were interspersed with presentations on: Laughter Yoga in Business, with Seniors, with Children, for Special Needs, and a special presentation on incorporating Laughter Yoga into a Workplace Wellness Program.

Other additional features included a drumming circle, a fun photo booth, an introduction to partner assisted meditation practice, a hilarious networking game and musical performances etc. Overall, it was a great success with initial feedback being very positive. In fact, a revised and condensed version is now being formulated for introducing Laughter Yoga to various towns and cities across the province.

For more information on various events, courses and happenings relevant to Laughter Yoga in Ontario please click www.LaughterOntario.ca – A Facebook group is also linked in where Laughter Yoga practitioners are invited to post and connect.