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Laughter Yoga For ‘Special Kids’ In IndoreLaughter Yoga has proven to be a great asset in improving the mental and physical capabilities of specially challenged children. It has been observed that many children, who did not respond to the commands given by school authorities or parents earlier, responded spontaneously after doing laughter exercises. It also helps to keep them cheerful throughout the day and more energized. Here is report on how regular Laughter Yoga sessions in a school for mentally challenged children in Indore brought about a significant change in their behavioral pattern.

For the past one year, Laughter Yoga teachers Radhika Bisht and Jagat Singh Bisht have been regularly conducting a laughter session every Tuesday morning on the premises of the Rotary Paul Harris School for the Mentally Challenged Children in Indore. Run on a regular basis for special kids, the laughter session has brought a lot of improvement in 60 odd special kids, says Neeti Billore, the director of the school. "This has given us a sense of fulfillment. If we have to choose one good work that we have ever done, this would be it," Radhika Bisht said.

The members of Suniket LaughterClub and Chetana LaughterClub in the city regularly visit and spend time with the special children. They have developed special relations with them and donate for them generously on special occasions. The children also respond to them warmly.

Excerpts of an interview with Jagat Singh Bisht :

Why was the Laughter Club started among the special kids?

We had gone to the school just to give a demo of Laughter Yoga but looking at the kids we thought we should give them more time. They need more love, affection and care. Many of them are deprived of all these from their childhood and suffer from depression and sadness. Laughter Yoga provides them joy and happiness and the Laughter Club gives them a continuous platform to exercise daily for good health, wellness and mental peace.

What difference have you found among the special kids and the normal kids while responding to laughter sessions?

The special kids are simple, more childlike and hungry for love and affection. If you laugh and play with them, they are all yours. They touch you, embrace you and love you. However, they are unable to do many of the exercises due to their physical and mental deficiencies. They cannot clap in rhythm and get diverted in exercises involving movement. They love value-based laughter in sitting position like Appreciation laughter, Forgiveness laughter, Greeting laughter, Guru laughter and fun based exercises like Milkshake laughter, Mobile laughter and Lion laughter.

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Laughter Yoga For ‘Special Kids’ In Indore

Laughter Yoga For ‘Special Kids’ In Indore