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Laughter Yoga for people who suffered / flood and drought
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia 
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 16:25:56
Last week I had company, Nita Ng from Kuala Lumpar when we travelled to CHarlton (3 hours from Melbourne) to present Laughter Yoga for the community who suffered alot because of huge floods a while ago, they are still recovering. The Hall that we used had only been used for all the meetings regarding survival after the floods, as the entire shopping centre and nearby homes were affected. I had not seen the photos before hand so I didnt really realise 'how bad it had been'.
The Laughter Session was a complete success, people came rushing up to me, saying that they forgot how easy it was to feel joy and Laugh. Others told me, that we had changed the energy in the hall completely and also the memory they had whenever they walked in to the hall. I was told by my contact that he really enjoyed seeing those people who had not even smiled for a very long time, really enjoy themselves.
I have been asked to return and share Laughter Yoga again, maybe over a couple of days and lots more sessions in different areas of the community. It will be my pleasure.
We also travelled to Mildura (another 3 hours drive after CHarlton, 6 hours from Melbourne), we stayed there a week, I presented three more Laughter Sessions, two for the Community (my 4th year in a row) and one for the Time Share Resort we stayed at. I have quite a few regular people there now that attend my sessions, and they always call me Laughter Lady. Not only did Nita and I laugh at the sessions we did together but we laughed every other day also, especially once my friend Mary arrived, who also stayed with us in our two bedroom unit at the Resort.
Everywhere we went over the week, we laughed every day. with each other, with strangers, in shops, in the street, Laughter is really contagious.
What a WOnderful Laughter week we enjoyed together. Thank you Nita for your trip to Australia and my friend Mary, who is a natural joyful laugher and person.
Love and giggles