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Every year, The Canadian Diabetes Association hosts a weekend camp for kids with Type 1 Diabetes and their parents on a small island called Quadra on the west coast of Canada.

Some attendees asked for Laughter Yoga so I was invited to lead a session on Saturday and another on Sunday.

I think I was more inspired than they were. Seeing these young folks enjoying the activities at the camp, with joy and abandon, you would never think they had to deal with insulin levels. The parents impressed me just as much. They were positive and caring and many were having just as much fun as the kids.

Good feedback on the two Laughter Yoga sessions. Some were interested in following up with more laughter at their local Laughter Yoga club or with some of the ideas for integrating laughter into daily life.

It is these kinds of sessions that spur me on to continue my Laughter Yoga activities and spreading laughter more and more. Thank you again to Dr. Kataria for founding Laughter Yoga.