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Laughter Yoga For Hong Kong Company WorkersPeople in workplaces are subjected to several stress factors like dissatisfaction, feelings of inadequacy and fear of being branded as a non performer all of which have a direct link to one’s state of mind. Laughter Yoga is one such exercise that relieves physical, mental and emotional stress simultaneously and more and more corporations and companies are introducing laughter sessions as part of their daily regimen to release work pressure.

In fact, according to a recent report Laughter Yoga has become a great hit with companies in Hong Kong that want to relieve their stressed-out employees. They are turning to laughter to cure their workers’ grievances and improve the high-stress work environment. Teachers lead participants in laughter sessions lasting from 45 minutes to two hours, featuring chants like: "Ha ha, ho ho, let go.”

Some of the companies which have taken to Laughter Yoga are Bloomberg, the British Council, PR and advertising agency Ogilvy, Citibank, the MTR Corporation, the Hospital Authority and even the Hong Kong Police. HSBC wanted to help its staff cope with the stressful lay-offs of recent years.

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