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 Laughing for Better Health While on the Road                                  Laughter Yoga and Truck DriversTruckers are some of the most stressed employees in the country. When stressed, the body produces a hormone called “cortisol”. It increases blood pressure, lowers immunity and increases abdominal fat which can lead to heart disease and stroke.Laughing is a great way of releasing stress and negative thoughts, deal with minor irritations from daily life, dissipate anger and helps focus on the road ahead. It also helps develop self-confidence as it reduces shyness and inhibitions. These reasons alone should get you laughing.

The willingness to laugh in a group with family and friends or alone sets a positive frame of mind and helps the person open up and willingly do laughter exercises. While laughing alone, try to put feelings in your laughter which will enable you to fully express yourself and release suppressed emotions. Every morning before you start out the door laugh for a full minute. Scientific studies have proven that one minute of laughter equals ten minutes on a rowing machine. It’s a great way to massage your heart, lungs, liver, digestive system and all your other vital organs.

Laughter Yoga is about tapping into your imagination and inner child.

While traveling to Florida by car with my family, my children would pretend to honk an imaginary horn and laugh whenever they saw a truck coming.

The driver’s response would be to honk and smile and laugh along.
It always made a long trip into a happy laughing time for my children and me.

So the next time you are on the road, at a rest stop, gassing up “hahaha” or just stretching your legs, ‘hohoho”, laugh and be merry.

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