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Laughter Yoga Worldwide News Flash: Chicago, IL with Caryl Derenfeld
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Tuesday, 23 April 2013 18:27:23
Laughter Yoga Update from Chicago, IL
October 17, 2010
There is song from the '60's that says "What a long, strange trip it's been." When I think of my laughter yoga journey, I paraphrase and say "What a joyful, laughingly wonderful trip it is!" What began for me as a CLYL to bring LY to seniors, has expanded to working with those in recovery, nurses, leading library laughter, cancer patients and leading my first CLYL class. Six new leaders graduated; very good very good YAY!!!! I feel so much love and joy from those whose lives laughter yoga touches. And having met so many like minded CLYT's this past April in Chicago, it is wonderfully amazing how many have stayed in touch and visited each other. Since April, I have been to a LY session in Miami with Erika Ruiz; Jason had visited as he moved across the country; Michael Coleman has visited from San Diego, and I have 'grocery danced' with my newly minted CLYLs just last week! Tomorrow is the Hoo Haa Laughter Club, a group that meets twice a month in Deerfield, IL. Can't wait. I look forward to each day as laughter yoga takes me on this wonderful life's journey.
Caryl Derenfeld