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dvd_downloadWe are happy to announce the availability of all Laughter Yoga DVDs, Audio CDs & E-books as direct downloads. We have taken this initiative on popular demand from our website visitors, who wanted to order Laughter Yoga DVDs but found them a little expensive. We tried different technologies to convert the DVDs into download formats like MKV and MP4. We got excellent results and already tested them. The quality of video is very excellent and the file size is easily downloadable. We also have all our Audio CDs as MP3 downloads along with E-books as PDF downloads.

This makes all Laughter Yoga DvDs, Audio CDs & Books easily accessible at a much lower cost. Also there is no hassle of shipping and postal delays and custom duties.However if someone wants original DVDs, CDs and Books they can be bought as Kits and packages which will be given at a special price.

To order the DVD downloads and MP3 downloads pls click here - https://laughteryoga.org/shopping/DVDs_downloads.html