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Laughter Yoga Community Festival (Comfest 2011) USAA report by Meg Scott, USA: Comfest - a festival of laughter is celebrated by the Laughter Yoga community in Columbus, Ohio. It started as a small neighborhood street fair in 1972 for community-minded activists, and is still going strong. A three day event, many people come for the free non-stop live music as local bands perform on stages throughout the 32 acre Goodale Park in the historic Victoria village and you can choose music ranging from hillbilly to hiphop - rock to reggae.

Strolling the grounds, you’ll find baby boomers, families and friends, the young and the young at heart, belly dancers, fortune tellers, vendors selling art, activists promoting their causes, drum circles, dreadlocks and dogs, Tai Chi to iced tea. Truly, something for everyone - the perfect fit for Laughter Yoga.

This year too, we celebrated Comfest with great revelry featuring a variety of entertainment and fun. We laughed and swatted make-believe mosquitoes; mowed imaginary lawns and pushed our laughter buttons all while being serenaded by bagpipes in the distance. Because laughing is contagious, we attracted more people as we played. Latecomers joined us for the conga line and we ended with a spontaneous group hug. With so much to hear, see, drink and do, this party will never end.