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Laughter Yoga Clubs Promote Humanitarian WorkOlivera Radovanovi?, Serbia: I am proud to that my Novi Sad Laughter Club recently played the host to the Cycle Africa team from UK who set out driving their bikes from London to Cape Town to generate awareness and gather donations for the street children of Africa.

As I run the day care center Svratište for the street children of Novi Sad, we invited the Cycling team as our guests and even did a Laughter Yoga session with them. The next day we went to the Svratište and did another session with the children, the volunteer workers at the center and the Cycle Africa team. Sometime later, I did Laughter Yoga with children who are in foster families from Temerin, Ba?ki Jarka and Sirig (small town near Novi Sad) in cooperation with the Center for Social work Temerin. Laughter Club Novi Sad has also become a part of the City project "I am important" which is something like “Hurry Slowly”. At the very end of the year 2011, I also did a promotion presentation and laughter session at the Initiativ for Community Center. I am extremely happy that our club is an active contributor to social causes and is a part of the world humanitarian services.