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www.Lebensraum-dolgen.deMarion Von Appen - CLYT, Germany: Laughter Yoga teacher Marion von Appen opened her Laughter Club in Mehrum last year with about 20-30 members who laugh together and enjoy the session for an hour once every month. “As people find their laughter, they begin to open and go back home relaxed and energized”, says Marion.

Participants come from Hildesheim, Hanover, Brunswick, Uetze, Peine and Mehrum. According to Marion, the Laughter Club is a chance for those who have already attended several semesters in her courses and now would like to do something else and also continue to maintain their laughter.

Laughter Club is all about laughter for health and for a good cause. It gives the participants a happy feeling because it helps fulfill one of the basic needs of people to help others.

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