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Laughter Yoga Can Be A Great HealerRead this interesting article on how Laughter Yoga can help in healing. Being a fun exercise, it generates endorphins which lead to a general feeling of wellbeing thereby reducing the sensation of pain. Initially, people find the laughter routine weird and are apprehensive about the outcome, but once they start practicing it on a regular basis they can feel the difference and experience the many health benefits that it provides. The whole idea is that whether you laugh for real or fake it, laughing just makes you feels good!! "

According to the report, Jody Ross, now a certified Laughter Yoga leader, started attending formal laughter workshops several years back to help heal herself. She had chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and depression so severe she lost her job and lived, for a time, in a homeless shelter. “I went to a seminar on Laughter Yoga, and I felt elated for hours later. I didn't have any pain," Ross said. "When you combine laughter and breathing, there's healing there."

Courtesy: Huffpost Healthy Living – The Internet Newspaper

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