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Laughter Yoga Blossoms In BulgariaSilvia Pencheva CLYT, Bulgaria: Two years ago in Bulgaria almost no one knew what Laughter Yoga was. But now, here we are, after my CLYL education in Bangalore, the laughter virus has spread in more than 10 cities in the country.

We have done Laughter Yoga on festivals, on different organized events, and had sessions with nurses and doctors, companies and also cancer patients including a session during the national breast cancer campaign with top journalists and patients together. We also did Laughter Yoga with 200 people on TEDxYouth - one of the best known platforms for spreading brilliant ideas, and with the city transport system by giving tickets with a smile! With Laughter Yoga sessions fast catching on, the Bulgarian television has also helped to generate more awareness by featuring this unique concept a couple of times.

I dare to dream - maybe Bulgaria will become a major place for a Laughter University in the Balkans some day!news_bulgaria_1