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Laughter Yoga at Oklahoma Outreach Sober SchoolWe have ground breaking Laughter Yoga News coming in from Oklahoma City, OK. Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Ellen Mercer, is now leading weekly Laughter Yoga at Oklahoma Outreach Sober School. She leads to teens who are recovering from drug and alcohol addictions. As stated in the article, Tyler, 17,  stated that after laughter yoga, he "always feel happier" and that he might even use laughter as a diffuser in the future if he's in a situation where he's tempted to do drugs or alcohol. Ellen hopes to help support the students in becoming addicted to laughter as a substitute for more harmful addictive behavior.  We love to hear what ground breaking applications you are doing with Laughter Yoga. Please let us know.

To Read the Full Article,  "Oklahoma Outreach Sober School students embrace laughter yoga, " by Tricia Pemberton, Click Here:   http://newsok.com/oklahoma-outreach-sober-school-students-embrace-laughter-yoga/article/3515445?custom_click=pod_lead_news

Read Below for Ellen's Personal Laughter Yoga Story:

Ellen Mercer, Oklahoma City OK, USA

Laughter Yoga came into my life at a holistic health fair where thankfully I was un-busy at my booth sharing "produce in a pill" so that I was able to leave it to sit in on a Laughter Yoga seminar. We laughed so hard my tears flowed in the laughter meditation and the whole concept just resonated for me. I wanted more!

The connections with eye contact and creative exercises with laughter touched my spiritual nature and satisfied a thirst.  My entire life has been a self-confidence, self-esteem struggle, with a bit of an ugly duckling complex, slow to get things done and slow to laugh at a joke (I don't get it!).  I have always struggled to fit-in, make friends, be decisive, be positive, joyful and enthusiastic.

A few months later, in the summer of 2007, I was certified as a LY Leader under Tyler Slater and in April of 2010 became a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher with Dr. Kataria and the 3 new Master Trainers in Chicago. The decision to move to the next step as teacher came after being with the incredible group of laughter professionals at the 2009 America Laughter Yoga Conference where I gained new perspective from specialized experts and retraining under Sebastian Gendry.

Laughter Yoga has and is continuing to bring me personal growth. Embracing the concepts and making it an almost daily practice has changed me. I'm quicker to laugh, less self-conscious, more self-assured and handling criticism and the stresses life throws my way much better. I think my face is different! I'm somehow more beautiful and smile more. Life is good!

My college degree is in nutrition and I think of LAUGHTER as a nutrient for body, mind and soul.

It has been an incredible journey with more to come. I'm excited about the ideas some of the new leaders have. It is so cool, now my husband is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader too!

Submitted By: Ellen Mercer a.k.a. LN(Laugh Now) MIRTHER

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